Mercy Mission Malaysia has a team of dedicated team members which doeas research, define, refine and incubate innovative community development projects. Our model has been simply to create tested blueprints for Muslim communities to implement in their localities to improve the circumstance of those around them or those in a high level of need. Since 2007 we have pioneered some ground breaking projects helping thousands of vulnerable people.

2015-2020 is set to be a period of great reform and development for Mercy Mission, as we initiate a very aggressive growth program. We are modeling Mercy Mission as the primary platform for social entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life. The success we have had to date with maturing our own ideas will now be used as bank of experience to aid activists from the community to mobilise resources and turn their visions into reality.


Our expertise is in developing projects in two key sectors, and as such we will continue to invite great ideas in these areas, as we are confident these are the foundations of successful community empowerment.




AlKauthar is an Islamic institute providing specialist learning opportunities for professional students. Serving an international student base across six continents, AlKauthar empowers and inspires professionals with Islamic knowledge.


Seven Skies International is a unique concept that provides a holistic curriculum for the comprehensive development of a child. SSI unique curriculum is unlike other schools in that it is activity based and involves experiential learning. 

Social Services


Our new Muslim brothers and sisters need to be welcomed into Islam in the best of ways. At NMC, we ensure that they receive a warm welcome into Islam and are given the guidance needed. 


CR is an international humanitarian NGO providing food to some of the neediest people on the planet. The charity links its intervention with education provision ensuring better results for the benefactors and the donors




The two Twins of Faith are “Knowledge” and “Action“. The concept of Twins of Faith has an underlying intent to get people active & to seek knowledge. Our goal is to educate and mobilize all people towards positive social activism within their communities. 


Women are the essence of every Ummah. Islam emphasizes a great deal on women and the perception of Muslim women as being oppressed and insignificant is now diluted in Muslim nations such as Malaysia, where women contribute tremendously to the economy, society and in development of family.