Since inception, we have worked tirelessly to create premier products to serve the Islamic community. Our work today is to ensure we persevere in our endeavor to see a world where every Muslim lives faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. With the increasingly challenging environment of today and in an effort to optimize our creative capacity, we are now focused on creating incredible platforms for great ideas to be shared and bought to life. The Mercy Mission of today is harnessing its skills, experience and strong social entrepreneurship track record to help others on a Mercy Mission.


Mercy Mission World annually organizes 19 world class conferences in 13 countries across the globe. Today our conferences are the largest and most anticipated Islamic events in UK, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, and Malaysia and other countries.It provides excellent opportunities for thousands of businessmen, professionals and families to network on one global platform.

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AlKauthar is an Islamic institute focused on providing Islamic knowledge to Muslim professionals. Exploring a range of Islamic sciences, AlKauthar brings together the best teachers, with premium study facilities and excellent learning materials.

AlKauthar Malaysia provides a unique opportunity for its students to take sixteen hours courses in just two days.

At the very heart of what AlKauthar is seeking to do is not only educate but inspire students of Islamic knowledge to immerse themselves in the needs of their local community. As such the institute is proud of the fact all Mercy Mission leaders are its students and have started their careers in Mercy Mission at an AlKauthar classroom.


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Seven Skies International is a unique concept that provides a holistic curriculum for the comprehensive development of a child. SSI unique curriculum is unlike any other schools in that it is activity based and involves experiential learning. With us, the child learns not only about academics but also Islam, the most important aspect of a person’s life.

However, we do not simply stop there; we take the curriculum further by using a holistic approach focusing on character and personality development. Every child learns not only a series of academic studies, but is also provided with the skills on how to practice them in the real world. An ideal 1:15 teacher to students ratio facilitates effective implementation of the action-based curriculum and ensures your child is able to absorb the material quickly and easily.

We aspire to make your child a lifelong learner, a responsible individual and an independent entrepreneur.

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Our new Muslim brothers and sisters need to be welcomed into Islam in the best of ways. At NMC, we ensure that they receive a warm welcome into Islam and are given the guidance needed. Contacts are exchanged so communication is maintained for them to attend our programs at NMC.
New Muslims are given the opportunity to work on their own personal 3 month action plan that will include measurable goals from the 10 objectives for a new Muslim. Extra classes such as Tajweed and Quran studies are also facilitated for those who are ready.

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Charity Right has one clear purpose; to take food to the most vulnerable people, focusing on orphans, the blind, widows, children and the elderly. These profiles are selected on their ability to secure food provision independently and where this is not possible, Charity Right unites the hungry with the most basic human right, food.

In its first 12 months of operations, Charity Right won unprecedented support and has since been able to provide essential food provision for a number for orphanages and refugees. Schools where hungry children were struggling to benefit from education provision and now have a smile on their face as they enjoy food and nutrition and a new flair in their education.

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